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How To Make Paper Butterfly Out of Scrapbook Paper?

make paper butterfly scrapbook paper

paper butterfly clipped on picture frame paper butterfly decors and arts

Tags: make paper butterfly scrapbook paper

Today’s project is a tutorial on how to make paper butterfly from scrapbook paper. First you will need scrapbook paper or construction paper. Then print or draw a template to be used as a guide before cutting the scrapbook paper.

Things you need:

Scrapbook paper – 2 sided




butterfly template



  1. Cut your template.  Make sure the lines are straight and perfect. It does not have to be perfect by the way. I love mine perfect though.


paper butterfly templates


2. Trace the butterfly template on the scrapbook paper and cut.

paper butterfly cut outs


3. Stack the cut outs paper on top of each other, biggest on the bottom, the medium size in the middle and the smallest on the very top. The glue them together and fold or raise the wings so it looks like the butterfly flaps its wings.

paper butterfly from scrapbook paper

paper butterfly from scrapbook paper



4. Hang the butterfly on the walls, clip it on picture frames, tie on a strings and make bunch of flying butterflies. The possibilities are endless with this beautiful paper butterfly. It looks so real and can be placed in the garden with the rest of the flowers. Then you will have a butterfly that never flies away when you get close to it.

Paper butterflies are very easy to make. It does not require any special materials to make.

Tags: make paper butterfly scrapbook paper

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