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Build Your Own Backyard Pool Easy!

Step by step pool building

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Have you ever thought of owning your own pool but the cost of having one is stopping you? This article will teach you how to build your own pool easy! You don’t need experience to know the basics of building your own pool. All you need are some tools and a lot of help from friends. Step by step pool building made easy for you through this post.

The first step to consider if you want to build your own pool is to find the location where the pool will be located. Most people have it their backyard while in some countries the the Philippines, most swimming pools are in the front yard. The reason is because the garden is in the front yard and the biggest lot is located in the front yard.

In this article I will show you a pool built at the back of the house.

Location. Determine the location and using a stick draw the shape and size of the pool including the distance from all directions.

Design. Draw the design on a piece of paper showing the location of the skimmer, pool equipment, plumbings, electrical, including water features. Then apply for a permit at your local municipality. This could take 1 week to get approved.

Spray. Using a spray paint, spray the size and shape of the pool on the ground where the pool will be built.

Excavation. When you have the building permit on hand, you can start digging. Using a Bobcat excavator dig from the center of the area and work your way to the side.

Plumbing.  This time you need to install pipes including the pump and filter to run the pool.

Electrical. This time all the electrical runs will be installed including lights.

Shotcrete. This time the concrete is being poured on all sides and top of the pool. Approximately 12 inches of concrete shell is all you need.

Tiles. These are the tiles around the edge of the pool 6 inches from the top edge of the pool.

Decking. This is the area where you walk or sit around the outside area of the swimming pool. You can choose either travertine, pavers, acrylic lace or stamped concrete.

Plastering. This time the color of the pool flooring will be done. This is also the color of your water. This can be plaster, pebbles, or vinyl. We have pebble sheen installed and love it. It has blue luminous beads and abalone shells.

Acid Wash. This gives cleans the surface of the flooring and smooths any excess concrete.

Filling. Pool will be filled with water. This should be normal water, no soft water allowed. Takes up to 24 hours to fill up the pool,  but if you use more than 1 hoses then it only takes 9 hours.

Chemicals. This make sure your pool is clean and no bacteria before using.  There are a lot of things to look at: water hardness, alkalinity, free chlorine, total chlorine, ph, cyanuric, and more but the 2 most important things to watch is the chlorine level and ph. Chlorine must be maintained between 2-4 and 7.2 – 7.6 for Ph. To know these levels all you need is a test strips.


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