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8 Easy Steps Construction Paper Flower Tutorial

Want to make flower bouquet for spring? Check the tutorial below!

In this tutorial  I am going to  show you how to make flower from  Construction paper in 8 simple steps. If you don’t have construction paper, you can use any colored paper that is not too thick, maybe the same weight as printing paper. This project is very easy and even kids can do it with adult supervision. This project is ideal for school project, home crafts and spring decorating or any season decorating. I am very happy to share this project because I think the flowers made of construction paper are very adorable and perfect for any occasion.

Below are the materials I used to make them:

Construction paper
Adhesive tape
Pipe cleaners






Step 1: Trace your hand on the paper using a pen or crayon.

Step 2: Using scissors, cut the traced hand. Be careful and have an adult supervision when doing this. That is if you’re not yet an adult.

Step 3: This is how it looks like after the cutting. See it looks like a hand.


Step 4: Using crayon roll each finger of the paper hand.


Step 5: Join both ends of the hand and put a tape to secure.


Step 6: Get a pipe cleaner and make a shape on one end. You can do any shape you want.

Step 7: Insert the other end of the pipe clear to the center of the flower like this I’m pointing.


Step 8: Make another flower and have a bouquet. Tarahh!!

See if you do not like coloring pages now you learn something else to use your crayons and you can tell your friends that you have tried working using construction materials. You can do it with your friends too and teach them how to make one!  This is one way of showing your creativity. If you like this Construction Paper Flower Tutorial, please like and share. Thanks!

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