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11 Reasons Why I am Writing Today…

11 Reasons To Write reasons to write

I am so scared to write, also full of  courage to write…today. Why? Because I have all these ideas running in my mind. I am always full of ideas. But I am always scared that I might make mistake. I am always scared to make mistake grammatically. I am always this type of person who always listens to the whispers of the wind in the back of my head. I decided to plug my ears today. So here I am talking too much about something that does not have a lot of meat (lol in my language – walay unod). I DON’T CARE! I always want to say that! I always try not to care. Maybe you do too! It is hard not to care about what people say, what people do, what people post, how people look like, what people have, what people wear etcetera…Oh before I forget, we always care what people eat and how much.  Why is that? Because we are good at criticizing. I am always scared to get criticized and feel ashamed every time that happen. Why? Because I always care. So today I decided to not care at all! I am trying to think of the 11 reasons why I am writing today,  yet at this point of writing this I can only think of only 1 reasons. Maybe if I will start with that 1 reason the rests will pop up. I guess I got to have to try it.


  1. I am going to write today so that maybe years from now when I search my name it will pop up on google. I always dream to be popular. There is no dream that does not come true! So keep dreaming…
  2. There are many people who can learn from what I say. I know I am good at giving ideas to people especially those ones who needs my ideas.
  3. I want my blog to have number of posts that I can’t count.
  4. I am going to talk about people that I don’t like and those that I like in this post (if I get the courage).
  5. Because writing is the only thing to do.
  6. Writing is my stress reliever.
  7. I realize at this point that a lot has popped up from having only 1 reason, so I have to keep going to have a long list.
  8. My laundry is still not done, and I am writing to pass time before I need to dry them.
  9. Because I am a blogger and a blogger has to write. Still struggling to get to #11…
  10. Because today is Friday and I love Fridays. When I am happy I write!
  11. Because writing makes money. A lot of people do freelance writing, some full time and both of these makes money by writing.


So that’s 11 Reasons Why I am Writing Today. I hope you find your reasons to write.

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