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  • swimming pool in the backyard
    Have you ever thought of owning your own pool but the cost of having one is stopping you? This article will teach you how to build your own pool easy! You don’t need experience to know the [Read more]

Video – Pool Building


  • banana bread recipe
    have been baking banana bread before and after 2 years of testing, I’ve finally came up with the best and perfect Banana Bread Recipe. I love sharing my banana bread recipes and other recipes to friends and family. I knew someone who would hesitate to share their recipes and they always have excuses like “I’m too [Read more]


  • paper butterfly clipped on picture frame
    Tags: make paper butterfly scrapbook paper Today’s project is a tutorial on how to make paper butterfly from scrapbook paper. First you will need scrapbook paper or construction paper. Then print or draw a template to be used as a guide before cutting the scrapbook paper. Things you need: [Read more]